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Understanding your audience


Find more customers by knowing who’s most likely to engage with you

Whether you’re launching a new product, service, or brand, you’ve got to get the lay of the land. Our deep-data-driven market scoping will show you the audiences most likely to respond to your offer, as well as mapping out who your competitors are, how they position themselves, and the opportunities they’re missing.

Plus, if your business has a physical presence, our geo-network optimisation tools can tell you how different locations are performing and why. So you’ll know where best to open up stores or offices, which parts of your network need improvement, or if there are any locations that don’t (or won’t) work for you.

These kinds of detailed market insights help you know exactly how to develop your offering to meet people’s needs, as well as how and where to sell to them once you’re up and running.


Attract more customers by speaking their language

It’s common practice to segment existing and potential audiences, so different messages can be tailored to each group. But most tools split people according to demographics like age, gender, or geographical location – and they only have an accuracy rate of around 70%. Our purpose-built customer segmentation tool HuPa focuses instead on how people think and behave, which is a much more meaningful distinction – and it gives us data that’s 98% accurate.

HuPa helps us group people by similarities in what motivates them to make a purchase in your category, what might stop them buying from you, and what kind of messages and communication style they’ll respond to best. Then, through a mix of illustrations and pen portraits all drawn from hard data, we give you a detailed picture of their attitudes, perceptions, and influences.

Truly understanding your audience means you can adapt what you say about your business and how you express it, talking to each group in the way most likely to drive action. You’ll be able to focus your marketing budget on the groups you know are most responsive and most valuable, dramatically improving your ROI.

Keep more customers by learning how to solvetheir problems

There are many different points on a person’s journey to becoming a customer, from their first glimpse of your brand through to the decision to buy. So it’s no surprise that lots of people drop off along the way. But now with our customer journey mapping you can find out exactly where they drop off and why, giving you the power to do something about it.

With some help from our bespoke audience analysis tool, HuPa, we can look at each segment in detail, understanding the barriers to buying for each one. For some people it will be seeing the same product cheaper somewhere else, some might feel the order process is too complicated, and others might be turned off by a key piece of messaging.

Once you understand what and where the barriers are, you can overcome them. Whether it’s changing your messaging, addressing pricing, simplifying the order process, or sending prompt emails when people abandon their carts, solving customer problems is key to improving your conversion rates and upping your sales.


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We’d love to talk with you about how our insights could help your business grow.



Discovery Poland wanted to gain a better understanding of their audience in order to optimise their portfolio, in particular looking to buy new channels that were outside their usual genres.

Customer segmentation for FWD Insurance

FWD set out to change the way people feel about insurance. The Asia insurance market is crowded so precise targeting is critical: the right people with the right brand proposition, products, services and communications.


We'll give you more accurate insights

We don’t rely on mainstream market tools, which only have an accuracy rate of around 70%. We have our own purpose-built audience analysis software, which gives us data that’s 98% accurate. So when you work with us you’ll know you’re basing high-stakes business decisions on consistent, reliable information.

We'll keep the focus on people

While our work is firmly rooted in data and analytics, we never forget that what we’re really studying is human behaviour. Every set of numbers is designed to reveal the reality of how people think, feel, and behave, and every insight we bring to you will directly affect how your customers interact with your brand.

We'll make it easy to take action

Our team all have in-house marketing or research experience, so we know exactly how you’ll need to apply our discoveries in your day-to-day work. Although our research is thorough, we don’t drown you in numbers. We interpret what we find and present you with strategic, practical insights you can put into action right away.



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