Logo testing

Encapsulating brand identity and values, a logo is what makes a company instantly recognisable to customers and acts as a powerful marketing tool.

Changing or updating a logo is something that many brands do during their lifetime, but there are risks involved. As well as being costly and disruptive, marketing teams must remember that brand logos can stir strong emotions among consumers – so they need to ensure the new design will be well-received once launched, both across a broad population and especially by the most valuable customer groups.

Clusters uncovers how new and existing customers will respond to a new logo by carrying out primary market research into customer perceptions long before it is unveiled.

The process involves:

  • Testing a variety of different logos and straplines to gauge what target consumers think of them.
  • Understanding how each logo variation is perceived and which would have the most positive impact on the brand.
  • A clear, evidence-based recommendation on which logo or strapline to choose, based on the data and insights from the study.

Clusters can generate customer segmentation data, or use existing information, to logo test by segment. This enables businesses to determine how the most valuable and profitable customer segments feel about the design and whether any modifications are needed.

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