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Clusters got its start, back in the spring of 2006, because we didn’t think it made sense to throw away millions of dollars

There are countless methods and tools available to conduct a segmentation, but only some will deliver robust results. At Clusters, we see that as a problem. Why invest time and money in a segmentation solution that is not representative of your target market?

Part of the problem is that these tools focus on the wrong things, dividing audiences up in ways that don’t get to the heart of what truly influences their decisions. But the biggest issue is that these tools are only about 60-70% accurate, and give different answers each time they are run.

And when you’re talking about a brand like Disney – one of our first clients – with a marketing budget in the tens of millions, potentially wasting at least a third of that on targeting the wrong people with the wrong messages would be a hugely expensive mistake.

So we developed a completely new approach to segmentation. Designed specifically to overcome the known flaws in many mainstream methods.

And, when we put our new method to work, it revealed some amazing results – moving the Disney Channel in the UK from a poor #3 position to unchallenged market leadership in just 18 months, all while spending less on marketing.

Our focus is on creating proprietary tools that can give businesses truly meaningful and reliable data. The two most significant are HuPa and Neural Conjoint+. 

HuPa is our deep-learning modelling tool, specially adapted for segmentation-based market analysis and geo-modelling. It’s particularly known for its strong clustering capabilities (which is where we got our name from) and its almost-complete lack of human bias. And its 98% accuracy rate means that it’s still the most consistent, reliable segmentation tool in our industry.

Neural Conjoint+ is our more advanced version of traditional conjoint analysis, which completely revolutionises the standard approach to designing a brand or product proposition. It can not only pinpoint which features, functions, and benefits are most important to different groups of people (or segments), but also tell you which combination of attributes will be most effective in growing sales (rather than just reporting on preferences).

Although of course our growing team of experienced, perceptive data scientists are always updating and improving them, both these tools are still at the heart of Clusters today. They’re what help us give businesses real certainty on everything from customer segmentation (our specialism) to product testing, pricing analysis, ad tracking, and brand-health studies.

So you can make smart, informed decisions, and take the guesswork out of growing your business.

Our Management Team

Louise Altman

Chief Executive

Louise is Chief Executive at Clusters, managing our corporate direction and strategy. Before joining the company in 2015, Louise worked client-side for many years, and so is dedicated to ensuring that we continue to always deliver the very best for our clients.

Phu Truong

Insight Director

Phu is our segmentation specialist, with over 50 segmentation projects under his belt – plus a raft of quantitative research and advanced analytics experience. Before Clusters, Phu spent a decade in the research department at The Walt Disney Company where his achievements include developing a global test to support $20m commissioning decisions.

David Hulbert

Algorithm Developer

Dissatisfied with the flaws in current techniques, David co-authored our exclusive software and, together with superlative business acumen, brings incomparable analytics expertise to Clusters. Armed with a First in Pure Mathematics from Cambridge and an MBA from Stanford, David evolved from marketing at Unilever, consultancy at McKinsey to spearheading $1.6b turnover as President of The Walt Disney Company’s International TV division.

Tim Richards


As Chairman Tim’s role is to give impartial advice on how to keep improving Clusters. Tim has spent the last 25 years in blue chip global media businesses such as The Walt Disney Company and smaller private equity-funded ventures and start-ups. He is an acknowledged expert on business operations and practices, and is a member of the Accenture Global Convergence Forum Executive Advisory Board.

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Customer Segmentation FAQs

What is customer segmentation?

Customer segmentation is a way of refining your customer base into smaller groups, based on a set of shared characteristics. These shared characteristics may include a range of attitudes, perceptions, and influences. You can use this information to create highly targeted marketing campaigns, sales strategies, and sell to specific audiences more effectively.

How can customer segmentation help my business?

There are many benefits to breaking down your customer base into similar groups for targeted marketing and sales strategies. Especially when this is outsourced to a specialist segmentation agency such as Clusters. Ultimately, customer segmentation results in more effective marketing and business growth. The insights that you gain will help you to answer key questions such as:

  • Will a particular group respond positively to an offer?
  • Which groups will deliver the most profit and growth?
  • Where can we find them?
  • What’s the best way to get their attention?
  • What will it take to convince them to buy in?
Which types of businesses need customer segmentation research?

All businesses can benefit from customer segmentation research, whether they are large or small, established or new, B2C (business-to-consumer) or B2B (business-to-business). However, the way in which this research is conducted might differ depending on their industry and their target market. For example, B2C businesses might prefer to segment their audiences based on factors such as lifestyle, beliefs, attitudes and values. Whereas B2B marketers may choose to focus on industry, location, payment terms or other factors. 

We can help you to determine which factors to use to segment your audience, based on the nuances of your business. Get in touch to learn more.

How reliable are customer segmentation tools?

There are many different customer segmentation tools available, some of these you may have come across before from ‘mainstream’ providers. The trouble with these is that they typically only have an accuracy rate of around 70%. Getting accurate data is essential to maximising the returns on your marketing investments, which is why we developed our own customer segmentation software which is much more reliable. 

HuPa, our deep-learning modelling tool, is specially adapted for segmentation-based market analysis and geo-modelling. It’s particularly known for its strong clustering capabilities (which is where we got our name from) and it's almost-complete lack of human bias. With a 98% accuracy rate, we believe it's still the most consistent, reliable customer segmentation tool in our industry.

Why choose Clusters to carry out your customer segmentation research?

With many different agencies and providers of customer segmentation software to choose from, why should you choose us to carry out your segmentation research? 

We’re a market research agency who specialise in customer segmentation. Our team is made up of experienced, perceptive data scientists with exclusive access to HuPa, the industry’s most accurate customer segmentation tool. We identified a problem with mainstream tools which did not deliver reliable data, so we developed a completely new approach with our custom-built software. Our experience, knowledge and tools are unrivalled when it comes to customer segmentation. 

Our research provides you with the most accurate (98%) results, so you can minimise wastage in your marketing budget and drive business growth. Get in touch today to discuss your customer segmentation project.


We'll give you more accurate insights

We don’t rely on mainstream market tools, which only have an accuracy rate of around 70%. We have our own purpose-built audience analysis software, which gives us data that’s 98% accurate. So when you work with us you’ll know you’re basing high-stakes business decisions on consistent, reliable information.

We'll keep the focus on people

While our work is firmly rooted in data and analytics, we never forget that what we’re really studying is human behaviour. Every set of numbers is designed to reveal the reality of how people think, feel, and behave, and every insight we bring to you will directly affect how your customers interact with your brand.

We'll make it easy to take action

Our team all have in-house marketing or research experience, so we know exactly how you’ll need to apply our discoveries in your day-to-day work. Although our research is thorough, we don’t drown you in numbers. We interpret what we find and present you with strategic, practical insights you can put into action right away.



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