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In the competitive world of higher education and professional bodies, you need to be sure you’re focusing your time and attention in the right places. It’s about targeting your sales and marketing activity towards a new (or existing) audience who would be most interested in your offering. Working towards goals that are too broad or similar to your competitors’ can result in a low return-on-investment, so it is important to draw on data based on the size and demographic of your potential students or members.

How we help

Student Segmentation

Using our purpose-built segmentation tool HuPa, we can group students and employees by similarities in what motivates them, what might stop them engaging with you, and what kind of messages and communication style they’ll respond to best.

Brand tracking

Our brand tracking will help you find out if your students or members see your business in the way you’d like them to. Using a mix of lifelogging techniques and regular consumer surveys, we explore people’s awareness of and attitudes towards both your category and specific brand.

Price and proposition testing

Our price and proposition testing gives you a clear picture of how the market will respond to your idea, which audiences are most likely to engage, and what changes might be needed to get people to buy in. Further proposition testing then helps you know how to frame the offer.

Case Study: The Institute of Directors Membership Offering

We helped The Institute of Directors reshape their membership offering to grow their business and attract new members. They’d devised three membership packages and needed our price and proposition testing to discover how attractive these different membership options were, and whether they needed refining.

Our insights: How to increase student enrolment with segmentation

Student segmentation is a powerful way to get the insights you need, since it allows you to group audiences according to their pain points or unmet needs, rather than simple demographics. Here we’ll explain some strategies for increasing student enrolment, using segmentation to drive success.

Companies we’ve helped grow



BP Marine Fuel testimonial

"Clusters played a critical role in the development and implementation of our customer-driven strategy. We had our most profitable year ever, growing margins by 50% and delivering 4x the plan. The volume through the two key high value segments as identified by Clusters were grown by 42% and 30% respectively. This is segmentation in operation driving the performance of the business."


Richard Durant, Head of Marketing & Product Development at BP Marine Fuel

Quayside Clothing testimonial

"The market intelligence provided by Clusters has provided the foundation for our growth. Since using the Clusters data we’ve seen a 60 to 80% increase in revenues."


Simon Turner, Marketing Manager, Quayside Clothing


We'll give you more accurate insights

We don’t rely on mainstream market tools, which only have an accuracy rate of around 70%. We have our own purpose-built audience analysis software, which gives us data that’s 98% accurate. So when you work with us you’ll know you’re basing high-stakes business decisions on consistent, reliable information.

We'll keep the focus on people

While our work is firmly rooted in data and analytics, we never forget that what we’re really studying is human behaviour. Every set of numbers is designed to reveal the reality of how people think, feel, and behave, and every insight we bring to you will directly affect how your customers interact with your brand.

We'll make it easy to take action

Our team all have in-house marketing or research experience, so we know exactly how you’ll need to apply our discoveries in your day-to-day work. Although our research is thorough, we don’t drown you in numbers. We interpret what we find and present you with strategic, practical insights you can put into action right away.



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