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What are qualitative research services for?

Where quantitative research is about numbers, qualitative research allows us to dig deeper and gain a wider understanding of the meaning, opinions and behaviours behind them.

When you want to take your business in a new direction, explore new markets or understand your current audience better, it gives you information that reveals new opportunities, hazards and insight.

Qualitative market research services use a smaller sample group of participants, with each individual providing an extensive amount of information and, crucially, the reasoning behind it.

Working with a qualitative research agency can provide you with important, valuable insights, which accelerate your business growth. The more thoroughly you understand the consumers in a particular market, their preferences and their rationale, the stronger your position.

The information our services can gather will also allow you to:

●  Understand your audience and what makes them tick
●  Rationalise your decisions to explore new markets
●  Identify and understand new opportunities
●  Be inspired with new ideas for products
●  Refine your marketing communications
●  Be flexible to respond to changing market or consumer trends

What does qualitative research involve?

Qualitative research services involve a wide range of methods. The most suitable depends upon the type of information sought, the business or product and the nature of the market. Processes range from traditional to innovative and high-tech, with a variety of benefits. However, examples of some of the most common include:


Focus groups

A timely way of producing qualitative information directly from your target market. Ideal for testing products or marketing messaging, focus groups encourage a small number of people to interact and discuss the subject in a natural and honest way.


In-depth interviews

Whether conducted with participants as individuals, pairs or triads, interviews are an exploratory research method. By discussing the subject with participants naturally, rather than asking heavily structured questions, the psychology behind their reasoning is of greater value.


Combining quantitative and qualitative studies

Both qualitative and quantitative research provides key information – the ‘why’ and the ‘what’. Combining the two delivers significant results. They go hand in hand by allowing you to compare your findings and subsequently gain a much deeper understanding.


Through qualitative research, you can prove a hypothesis and gain a thorough understanding of it, then broaden that knowledge by gathering statistical data through quantitative analysis. Not limiting yourself to one method adds an additional dimension to your research, giving much more valuable and actionable insights into consumer behaviour.

Using qualitative research methods alongside quantitative incorporates emotionally driven insights based on personal views into your studies. Having these insights included in your findings allows you to connect with audiences on a deeper and more meaningful level, which ultimately enhances your understanding of customer needs.

Our agency has run qualitative work for a number of years. With a seasoned team of researchers and analysts, who incorporate a robust, quantitative way of thinking into qualitative research methods, we know how to guide natural discussions, ask questions and analyse information to produce highly insightful results. This will allow you to make smart, informed business decisions.

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