Ad tracking

Getting ROI on your advertising campaigns.

If you’re planning to run an advertising campaign, either online or offline, you need to be confident that the investment will help you achieve your business goals. Ad tracking helps you to identify whether your ads are working effectively – by delivering the right message to the right people – and identifies the channels that are receiving the most visibility.

Whether yours is a new market entrant looking to raise awareness, or an established name growing its existing customer base, our ad tracking studies enable you to measure a campaign’s impact and work out how to spend your advertising budget in the most effective way. We run detailed surveys at regular intervals, using a large audience sample, to find out whether the advert provides a good return-on-investment.

Ad tracking study

Based on detailed surveys, from a large audience sample, we can:

  • Uncover what your target audience think about an advert, including whether they recognise it and can distinguish it from those of your competitors
  • Avoid paying to advertise your competitors by quickly understanding whether your ads are being misattributed to other players in the market
  • Find out whether the advert changes their perception of a brand (for better or worse)
  • See if an advert makes someone more or less likely to purchase a product and/or recommend a brand to someone they know.

We can deliver regular reports during and after a campaign, so you can plan your activities in areas that deliver the best conversion rates.

More information on how ad tracking works in practice can be found in our Vision Express case study or by contacting a member of the team.