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The Importance of Brand Tracking

Even the world’s best-loved brands have to keep a close eye on what people think about them – both over time and compared to others in their industry.

As a leading brand tracking agency, we will help you find out if your customers see your business in the way you’d like them to. Using a mix of regular consumer surveys (which we can run over periods of months or even years) and open and closed responses, we explore people’s awareness of and attitudes towards both your category and specific brand.

We measure against key attributes that are core to your business – like whether people trust you, if they feel you offer good value for money, or if they think your products are high quality. We find out how recent advertising, events, or media attention have affected customer opinion. We also uncover how people feel about your brand in relation to your competitors. 

Our purpose-built customer segmentation tool, HuPa, can be useful here too. It can show you how different groups view your brand, understanding which parts of your audience offer the strongest opportunities and which ones need more investment.

With data from both existing and potential customers, our brand health analysis helps you keep people loyal, win back lapsed customers, and gain new business. Get in touch with Clusters today to learn how we use brand tracking to help businesses thrive.

Why do you need a brand tracking agency?


Setting up and implementing your own brand tracking surveys can be challenging and time consuming for your business. Perhaps more significantly, the data you get back might not be accurate or particularly helpful if you don’t know exactly what you should be measuring, or how to measure it. This is where a professional and experienced brand tracking agency such as Clusters can help.

We provide you with the insights you need to grow and continuously improve your brand. With years of experience successfully carrying out brand tracking for companies of all sizes and types, our team has the expertise to ensure your brand remains one step ahead.

At Clusters we understand that each brand is unique, which is reflected in our bespoke approach to every project. We tailor our brand tracking service to meet each client’s particular needs. This means that we will measure and report on what is important to your brand, and provide you with the data you need to support your marketing efforts.

We also provide an ad tracking service, to determine the success of your advertising strategies and whether you’re reaching the right audience.

Brand Tracking Agency FAQs

How can hiring a brand tracking agency help my business?

Listening to your customers’ perception of your brand is essential for improving the overall performance of your business. It can help you to make informed decisions to increase sales, deliver greater return on marketing investment, and win market share.

As a leading brand tracking agency, we can help you do this by gathering customer feedback, analysing the data and identifying what matters to your customers. Our brand tracking service also extends to keeping an eye on your competitors and uncovering new opportunities to make your business excel in the market.

At Clusters we continuously gather quantitative and qualitative data from your customers in order to continuously assess your business’s brand health and adapt your marketing strategies accordingly.

Why should I choose Clusters for my brand tracking?

When choosing a brand tracking agency, look for a company that has a proven track record of providing useful tracking insights to forecast the future and help businesses grow. At Clusters, we have helped our clients make improvements based on their customers’ perception of their brand and competitors.

Discover how we helped UK’s leading optician Vision Express to track their audiences’ opinions in order to implement the right strategies accordingly.

What measures help determine my brand health?

At Clusters we value the importance of businesses listening to their customers. Our brand tracking agency uses the following KPIs to analyse client progress and determine which effective strategies to implement:

  • Brand Awareness
  • Satisfaction
  • Value For Money
  • Trust
  • Likelihood Of Recommending To Others (NPS)
  • Post Sale Experience And Perception
  • Brand Values
  • Advertising Effectiveness
How are brand tracking tools useful?

Discover HuPa, our purpose-built customer-segmentation tool which not only allows you to group your audience based on similar attributes, but also gain insight on how these groups view your brand. At our brand tracking agency you’ll be able to determine which groups provide the strongest opportunities and which require more investment.

With data from both existing and potential customers, our brand health analysis helps you keep people loyal, win back lapsed customers, and gain new business.


Advertising & brand opinion tracking study – Vision Express

In a competitive market, Vision Express needed reliable ongoing insight into customer perceptions. Since 2010, Clusters has run a regular brand and advertising tracking study. 


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