Audience research – TV & media

Audience research uses data-driven insights that go beyond demographics to help TV platforms, networks or channels to understand how viewers behave and identify the potential in the market.

If you are a TV platform, network or channel, the key to growth is understanding how viewers behave and being able to identify the potential in your market. If you tackle this with goals that are too broad or similar to your competitors’ this will result in a disappointing return-on-investment. Therefore it’s important to invest in data-driven insights that go beyond demographics, to gain a deep understanding of your current and potential viewing audience.

TV audience segmentation

Using our TV and media segmentation service alongside other analysis tools, we define the exact places where your opportunities lie. This includes identifying the under-served audiences and exploring what their unmet TV needs are.

We also tell you what programming will be the most appealing to your audience and which competitors are the most vulnerable. This allows you to aggressively target specific areas to improve viewing shares.

As TV and media specialists, we know the industry inside and out and can work with you and your existing information to optimise your portfolio and develop franchise and content growth opportunities.

Using hard data, we can work with you to:

  • Develop a clear understanding of your audience through precision targeting.
  • Expand your portfolio by opening up new channel opportunities.
  • Build franchises by aligning your efforts to the right audience.
  • Grow by taking market share from your competitors, rather than cannibalising your own content.
  • Track and measure your progress and adjust your goals to ensure continuous improvement.
  • Support understaffed research teams or to provide temporary cover.

As a result, TV audience segmentation will help you achieve a quicker return on the time, money and effort you invest.

New channel development

Our TV & media segmentations and other analyses define precisely where the opportunity lies: who are the under-served audiences and what are their unmet TV needs. We also tell you which programming will most appeal to the audience, and which competitors are most vulnerable so you know who to target aggressively for viewing share. Read the case study here.

Portfolio management

The chances are your portfolio has quite a lot of overlap so you’re effectively competing with yourself and cannibalising your own viewing. No one else uses viewing data like Clusters to segment the market. Our re-definition of your TV audiences makes sure you spread your targeting widely to clearly-differentiated audiences and take share from your competitors not yourself. Read the case study here.

Franchise management

Which of your shows show the greatest potential to become profitable franchises? Who will be most willing to spend money on your franchise beyond TV viewing? Our experience as senior Disney executives, combined with our detailed understanding of content viewing analytics will ensure you know where to focus your efforts to drive new revenues.

Report automation

We reduce the time taken to deliver regular weekly/monthly reports by automating to eliminate the tedious grunt work. As a result, analysts and researchers have the time to focus on added value insight and providing decision-makers with useful, actionable information. We reduced one client’s time spent on 13-country reporting by 75%, and at the same time improved the quality of their information dramatically (their opinion not ours). Read the case study here.

TV research outsourcing

Decades of experience in multiple countries working with TV data makes Clusters well-placed to support understaffed research teams or to provide temporary cover. We know the data and the software to analyse it whether that means creating regular reports, delivering programming ROI analyses, developing channel or key programme launch strategies or any other TV analyses.

For more information call us on +44(0) 20 3950 6624 or email and let us know your specific requirements.