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Looking for a ‘Man in Finance’? Learn how we pinpoint your ideal audience
11th June 2024
looking for a man in finance

Amid the buzz of social media trends, it’s been hard to ignore the TikTok dubbed the “song of the summer”, where a woman sings about her search for the perfect partner. She isn’t just looking for any man – she wants one who works in finance, towers at 6ft 5in, and, ideally, possesses a trust fund.

At Clusters, while we’re not equipped to aid in romantic matchmaking, we excel in connecting clients with their target audiences, whether that’s finance professionals, optical users, first-time home buyers, or anyone else! Just like the specific desires outlined in this viral tune, we specialise in identifying and understanding nuanced customer criteria across various demographics.

How narrow should you go?

Choosing who to include in your research study can often be a tricky decision. Should you narrow your focus exclusively on those who distinctly fall into your target audience, or should you broaden your scope? At Clusters, we tend to advise our clients to consider a slightly wider audience than they might initially think necessary.

This approach offers several advantages; by including individuals on the periphery of your target demographic, you gain valuable insights into who these potential customers are and what might make them interested in your products or services. Plus, a broader sample can reveal surprising truths about your market, by challenging assumptions and minimising biases.

Understanding your target audience

Once we’ve conducted our research on your target audience, our next step is to delve deep into these insights to uncover patterns and trends. By employing advanced analytical techniques, we dissect the data to understand behaviours, preferences, and potential barriers.

This analysis does more than just reveal common patterns; it also uncovers details that might otherwise be missed. We identify areas, such as services or messaging, within the market landscape that are not currently owned by competitors, offering you a unique opportunity to position your brand.

Segmenting your customers

The more insights you hold on the motivations, challenges, needs, and behaviours of the people you want to reach, the more tailored and effective your marketing strategies can be. However, segmenting your target audience into meaningful groups takes this one step further.

At Clusters, we specialise in helping you segment your audiences based on the variables that matter most. In the case of targeting finance professionals, this might mean segmenting by needs, investment habits, media consumption, or lifestyle preferences. By segmenting the market, we can then create segment-led marketing strategies that are not only precise but also highly relevant to each distinct audience segment.

This not only improves engagement rates but also enhances the efficiency of marketing spend, ensuring that our clients can reach and influence their ideal customers more effectively.

Putting the insights into action

After thorough analysis of the data we’ve collected, we provide actionable insights and work alongside our clients to create targeted marketing strategies. These strategies are designed to resonate specifically with your core audience, while also appealing to peripheral groups identified during our broader research scope.

And so, while we can’t assist in finding a 6ft 5in finance professional with a trust fund for everyone who desires one, our goal at Clusters is to help our clients strategically target their audiences – whoever they may be.

Want to understand more about your target audience? Get in touch today and let us help you find them!

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