What’s it like working for a market research agency in London?

Clusters : Louise Altman Louise Altman, March 17th 2017 B2B B2C Segmentation

Want to know what it is like working for a market research agency in the heart of London? Well, you’re in luck…. We have recently asked Maariyah, a Research Analyst here at Clusters, a few questions about her role within our market research agency:

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Do brand advocacy schemes really work?

Clusters : Chris Cowan Chris Cowan, October 6th 2016 B2B B2C Marketing

Can brand advocacy schemes actually bring in new business or are they just a waste of money? Chris Cowan, Managing Director at Clusters, discusses our recent study on paid brand advocacy and the different types of recommenders that exist.

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How your sales team can use segmentation

Clusters : Chris Cowan Chris Cowan, August 15th 2016 B2B B2C Marketing Segmentation

Companies cannot merely rely on ‘star players’ to sell products and services to customers, particularly to customers who are not well suited to the product. I mean what good would selling an ill-suited product to a customer do for your company’s bottom-line and growth prospects?

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