TV viewers prefer to watch alone

Clusters : Louise Altman Louise Altman, January 6th 2017 B2C Marketing News TV & media

Forget the Gogglebox visions of families and friends gathering around their television sets; when it comes to TV these days, it’s all about independent escapism. We recently conducted a study into TV viewing and found that 48% of viewers choose to watch TV alone, rather than with others. According to …

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What you need to know about our changing TV habits

Clusters : Louise Altman Louise Altman, August 25th 2016 Segmentation TV & media
Clusters TV segmentation

Over the past few years there has been much discussion over the ‘death of the TV’ linked to busier lives and in particular to increased use of different, especially mobile, viewing devices. Although individuals can now catch up on their favourite shows on commutes, or instead turn to on-demand platforms …

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Who’s watching The Walking Dead anyway?

Clusters : Chris Cowan Chris Cowan, June 23rd 2016 Marketing Segmentation TV & media

The first step to a successful marketing campaign begins with a thorough understanding of your audience. With that said, how many marketers are able to correctly identify their target audience? And even then, how much insight, beyond demographics, can conventional research uncover?

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