Clusters is your ideal research partner. We’ll help you to gain deep insights about your consumers that can be easily translated into actionable business strategies. Work with us and you’ll make decisions based on hard data and evidence.

Understand your target market

Understanding your market is all about answering two questions precisely and based on hard evidence:

  • Who to target? Who will respond positively to my proposition? Therefore, who is most likely to deliver profit and growth?
  • How to target them? How to interest and engage them? How to convince them to buy and use my brand, product or service? Where to find them?

Clusters can help you answer these questions in a way which will allow you to: extract greater value from your existing consumers, take share from your competitors, and reach new customers more effectively and efficiently.

As a result you’ll grow faster and get a better, quicker return on the time, money, people and effort you invest.

Develop and test products, propositions and comms

Innovation can bring great reward but also involve huge risk to a brand if the market proves unresponsive. Clusters can provide the evidence required to decide whether to go ahead with a new product or service.

If linked to a segmentation, we can also provide guidance on which target segments are the best prospects for this offer, based on current behaviour and propensity to change, as well as the benefits of the new product or service against current consumer motivations and barriers in the market.

We also offer brand and ad tracking which monitors perceptions and awareness of your brand, and the impact of any recent marketing campaigns.

Read about a tracking study here.