Market mapping & competitor research

Map your market, scope out the competition and uncover the growth opportunities

When entering a new market, or looking for opportunities in an existing one, the first step is to examine the current landscape. Identifying customers, understanding their behaviour and finding out what motivates their purchases are all key factors in how a product or service should be positioned.

Competitor research

The team at Clusters offers insights into market potential by uncovering customer segments and identifying growth patterns with market scoping and competitor research. This enables marketing teams to see which customers are likely to make a purchase and which need more convincing so they can target their resources more effectively.

Our data analysts also provide an accurate competitor map, highlighting key players in the market – including direct and indirect competitors, their offer, positioning, market share and opportunities they are currently missing.

Ultimately, Clusters plays an important role in driving growth for businesses by finding out what customer needs are not being met and how products and services can be developed to meet them. Arrange a chat with one of our team today.