Market Research

Market Research is essential when launching a new product, service or marketing campaign, but how can you ensure the results are accurate?

Market Research London

Simple online surveys, sent to an existing customer database, cannot offer genuine insights because the pool is too limited. When business decisions are driven by poor quality or misleading information about your audience, it’s easy to get it wrong – and the cost can be enormous.

At Clusters, we believe data and evidence-based market research delivers a strong return-on-investment and is key to business growth. Our results are testament to our reputation as one of the leading market research agencies in London.

Our market research enables you to:

  • Take share from competitors
  • Find and satisfy under-served consumers to promote loyalty
  • Test and develop successful new propositions
  • Launch successful new brands
  • Improve the customer experience
  • Broaden portfolio reach
  • Improve the efficiency of your retail networks.

We can show you how customers actually behave, rather than how you think they do. By uncovering people’s motivations and barriers to purchase, you can make informed decisions about everything from product development to marketing activity and help influence their future behaviour.

To find out more, take a look at our market research case studies or get in touch with us.