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Giving you the information you need to engage your customers

We all want our marketing and business strategies to deliver results – and the first step is knowing who your customers are, what drives them, and how to engage them. By using data analytics, we can start to break down entire markets into groups of targetable customers, giving you the information you need to engage them.

Data analytics company

As a data analytics company, we’ll help you gain a deep understanding of your audience that forms the basis of strong decision-making and increased ROI.
But what types of data forms our analysis? The digital age has opened up countless data streams, including web analytics, social media interactions and online transactions, on top of traditional market research, feedback surveys and loyalty cards.

Surveys based on existing databases and demographic data about customers only take you so far – and in some cases, lead to poor business decisions. With a limited data pool, it is easy to make assumptions about your audience, filling in the gaps based on your preconceptions rather than taking a robust evidence-based approach.

At Clusters, we start with a large pool of unbiased consumers – this means going outside of your own CRM, and speaking to people that are within your target market but who you’re not yet engaging with your brand. Once we have this, we can complement it with CRM data, transaction data and any historical data, to paint a better picture of your market and the people within it.

How we use data analytics

The data we use is drawn from extensive market research, which takes a deeper look at people’s motivations and barriers to purchase.

The customer analytics we deliver allow you to segment and target different customer groups with timely and relevant messages. Our data-driven insights enable you identify both the most valuable market segments and those who are under-served in the current market, as well as wider behavioural patterns and trends.
Since everything we do is underpinned by quality data, you can be confident the decisions you make accurately reflect your customers’ current and likely future actions.

How we do it

With a focus on customer segmentation, we have developed our own data analytics methods and tools that deliver much more accurate results than industry-standard methods, such as k-means. Instead, we use own purpose-built cluster analysis and neural net modelling methods, so you gain more robust and actionable insights.

What you get

We will never simply bombard you with raw numbers. Our data analysts deliver clear insights, that can be easily understood, interpreted and actioned by those who need them – from sales, marketing and business development teams to boardroom executives.
Why invest in data analytics?
In today’s world, companies that fail to maximise the power of data usually get left behind. Customers want to see products and marketing campaigns tailored around their interests, lifestyle, values and budget, otherwise they simply switch off.

Data analytics supports rapid and effective decision-making, enabling you to personalise your offer and make the most of new sales and brand building opportunities.

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