Customer Journey Mapping

Understanding the motivations and barriers that trigger behaviour as someone moves from thinking about their needs to considering a brand, before deciding to buy and become a customer, is vital in driving sales forward.

This is why our team of experts work with businesses to map the customer journey in-depth, helping them to find out where potential buyers are dropping off and ensure they stay on the path to purchase.

And of course, there’s no one size fits all so it’s important to understand how these barriers and motivations differ by customer segment. For one segment the key barrier might be seeing the same product cheaper elsewhere, for another shipping charges are too high. Others might not complete the purchase because there are no free delivery options. If retailers can identify where people are dropping off, they are in a better position to target them with offers and incentives to draw them back and ultimately improve their conversion rates.

Customer journey map

A key part of this process is finding out what is important to customers at each stage of their customer journey, both the good bits and the pain points, and where and how brand communications can positively influence them toward actively engaging with the brand. This enables businesses to make sure they deliver the right message at the right time and ultimately, grow their brand faster and more efficiently.

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