Consumer research agency

Discover the motivations, attitudes and needs that drive people towards your brand versus your competitors.

When planning a marketing campaign, developing a new product, or entering a new market, it’s tempting to use current customer data – or rely on what’s worked in the past – to plan your marketing strategy. Existing data might be easy-to-access – but it is usually too generic to provide real audience insights that lead to commercial success.

To bring new consumers into your business, we need to understand the market as a whole, and the motivations, attitudes and needs that drive people towards your brand versus your competitors – and importantly, the barriers that turn them away.

Get the precision you need

One way to truly understand your market is to segment potential consumers by these core factors; their motivations, barriers, attitudes and needs. When working client-side, we discovered that the industry standard segmentation software did not offer the precision we wanted so we set about putting that right. Our expert team developed our own proprietary software and methods that provide 96% targeting accuracy. By putting evidence at the heart of our research, we have helped one client increase its margins by 50% in less than a year, and another saved $25m without any loss of revenue.

Meet your business challenges

At Clusters, we carry out and deliver primary market research in order to meet your business challenges. Unlike some research agencies, which use demographics to predict consumer behaviour, our quantitative market research and segmentation methods generate evidence-based data so you no longer have to rely on assumptions.

With this information, you can:

  • Target consumers most likely to respond positively to a campaign or product launch with appropriate messages
  • Uncover over-looked groups
  • Find the most effective communications channels
  • Develop your brand, product or service in line with consumer expectations
  • Improve the customer experience and grow loyalty

For more information, take a look at our client case studies or contact our team.