Our brand and ad tracking studies uncover what existing and potential customers really think of your brand, and enables you to make informed decisions on everything from product development to marketing strategies.

As part of this, we can track how campaigns, both above the line and below, are performing compared to competitor advertising. Monitoring people’s perception of a brand and measuring the impact of recent marketing activity is the lifeblood of any strong consumer company.

Brand and advertising tracking includes:

  • Monitoring awareness and perception of a brand.
  • Finding out how any recent advertising, industry events and so on have affected customer opinion.
  • Reporting on the customer journey, from first exposure to purchase point.
  • Benchmarking consumer opinion of a brand against perceptions of its competitors.

We’ll provide weekly and monthly tracking reports that include suggested actions and new routes to grow the brand to increase its market share. These bespoke and in-depth reports allow teams to consistently steer brands towards their best chance of success.

Our data team can also link the tracking to existing customer segments, should you have a customer segmentation in place, and enable you to track by segment.

For details on how ad and brand tracking works in practice, take a look at our Vision Express case study or contact a member of the team.