Those who hand out the highest number of recommendations are the least influential

Clusters : Louise Altman Louise Altman, August 3rd 2017 Marketing News
Travel segmentation


3rd August 2017

There is nothing quite like seeing pictures from a friend or family member’s cruise holiday to inspire someone to book a break of their own. Word of mouth marketing like this has always been essential for the travel industry – but in today’s digital world, it has been given a new dimension thanks to social media and online review sites like TripAdvisor.

With this in mind, it’s not surprising that when devising a marketing strategy, cruise operators pay close attention to recommender behaviour, but do some reviews count more than others? At Clusters, we believe that more in-depth analysis is needed to uncover the most powerful voices in the market.

Chris Cowan, Managing Director, at Clusters shares his insights into the power of advocacy when it comes to booking a holiday. Read all about it in our latest article published on Cruise & Ferry.