Clusters visits Hong Kong client to discuss segmentation

admin, December 14th 2015 News Segmentation
Clusters visits segmentation client in Hong Kong

14th December 2015

Last month, some of the Clusters team spent a very productive week in Manilla and Hong Kong with one of our international segmentation and tracking clients, life insurer FWD Group. FWD has been a very successful and well-targeted new brand launched over the past few years and is rapidly expanding in Asia as more countries come on board, most recently the Philippines last year. FWD are proving that you can enter a market by challenging the norms and conventions, and gain real interest and traction from customers and consumers. An important aspect of FWD’s successful market entry has been to have the best possible insight and information on their potential customers, and clear evidence on who will offer the best source of new business. We are proud our segmentation and tracking has been a part of this exciting venture.


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