Clusters announces 10 year anniversary as segmentation agency

Clusters : Louise Altman Louise Altman, February 24th 2016 News
Clusters announces 10 years as segmentation agency

24th February 2016

Clusters is thrilled to announce its 10th anniversary as a quantitative market research and customer segmentation agency. We’re proud to have spent the last ten years helping our clients to underpin strategic decisions through hard data and analysis.

Clusters was founded in February 2006 by senior business people who were frustrated by the deeply flawed and imprecise existing segmentation techniques. Combined with extensive business acumen, Clusters has brought incomparable analytics expertise to clients.

The company is based on a set of bespoke, unique segmentation techniques and algorithms, developed by Simon Palmer and David Hulbert over several years and integrating innovative analytic techniques with path-breaking real-world applications in the global media sector. In like-for-like tests, these deliver 96% accuracy compared to 62% from the industry standard, K-means.

Chris Cowan, Managing Director, Ruth Raunkiaer, Chairman and George Emiris, Project Director, brought decades of client-side experience in senior marketing and research roles to deliver a better way for clients to segment and target their customers.

Chris Cowan commented: “We’d like to thank our clients for the success we have achieved over the past decade. We’re proud to have delivered ten years’ worth of data-based insight and targeting evidence to support those key business and marketing decisions that drive our clients’ growth”.

Today, we’ve worked with a wide range of clients across numerous industries and in over 30 countries. We’re lucky to have a truly international team from Asia, the Americas, Africa and Europe.

Clusters’ revenues have grown 65% over the last two years and the company is set to maintain and accelerate growth over the next 12 months.


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