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Clusters was born of senior business executives needing better targeting. Finding software that had more than 60% accuracy was proving challenging, so we developed our own. The result: 96% accuracy. Our first client saved $8m.

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Quantitative market research & segmentation

Clusters is a quantitative market research and segmentation agency. We have helped clients across B2B, B2C, TV & Media grow by targeting their resources more effectively.

As segmentation specialists with our own proprietary techniques and software, our focus is on providing insight and targeting evidence for key business and marketing decisions: brand proposition, market entry strategy, brand and product/service development, messaging, competitive targeting and share steal, and portfolio optimisation.

Our senior team is a blend of clients (marketing and research at Unilever, Duracell, Sky, Disney) and agency (Mindshare, Millward Brown, YouGov, Initiative). So we are well-placed to make sure that Clusters’ research and analysis is more than just ‘interesting’, but serves a critical business purpose by underpinning decisions and action plans with hard data and evidence.

Why not see how you can integrate 96% targeting accuracy into your business plan?

Get in touch by emailing us at info@clusters.uk.com or calling 020 7842 6830.