Why big data fails to provide big insights

Clusters : Chris Cowan Chris Cowan, July 28th 2016 B2B B2C Marketing Segmentation

In an increasingly global and competitive marketplace, no business can afford to ignore data about their customers. The growth of information technology has transformed market research, with a growing number of businesses learning about customer preferences and buying habits by mining massive sets of quantitative data. The buzzwords in market …

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How to create a disruptive business strategy

Clusters : Chris Cowan Chris Cowan, May 5th 2016 B2B B2C Marketing Segmentation

What does it mean having a disruptive business strategy? ‘Disruptive’ is a current buzzword that technologists and marketers use excessively. But what does it mean to be disruptive, and is it an exclusive privilege of start-ups or can large corporates have the disruptive edge as well? The concept of business …

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Top 10 tips and traps to avoid for carrying out quantitative research

Jonathon Solomon : Guest blogger for Clusters Jonathan Solomon, April 7th 2016 B2B B2C Marketing

Guest blogger, Jonathan Solomon: There are probably three truths I have picked up about quantitative research studies over the years, especially in comparison to qualitative studies: Firstly, you need to talk to a lot of people which can make quantitative studies expensive. Secondly, they take longer to set up as …

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