At Clusters, our research
provides customer insight and evidence that drives
business growth.

Your best chance of success

Clusters delivers 96% accuracy on segmentation

We help clients grow by targeting their resources more effectively through our quantitative market research and advanced analytics. We achieve greater results with the same budget by reducing waste. By relying only on hard data and evidence, we remove assumptions and in turn reduce risk – providing you with your best chance of success.

Clusters has been providing expert segmentation and strategic targeting advice since 2006, working with a wide range of clients across B2C, B2B and TV & media in over 30 countries.

We’re a research agency specialising in segmentation which is why we’ve developed our own unique software that offers 96% accuracy. We understand that segmentation is a complex area so instead of letting our clients unpick the data, we make it simple for you and bring actual customers to the heart of everything we do. This ensures that a segmentation becomes a living and breathing part of your company that can be used for years to come.

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